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Raleigh Newborn Pictures | Hayes

raleigh newborn pictures

Raleigh Newborn Pictures | Hayes It took almost two hours and every trick in the book to get this little guy to finally fall asleep. The previous post showcased his beautiful wide eyed portrait. Mom really had her heart set on some sleepy poses so I was […]

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tiny newborn | cary newborn photographer


Mia just celebrated her one year birthday and graduated from the Baby Plan. As I was putting together her one year album for her parents I realized I never shared this beautiful photo of her. This was her first photo shoot with me at two weeks old. […]

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Wide-eyed newborn | Cary Newborn Photographer


Cary Newborn Photographer Hayes, wide eyed and adorable at 14 days. He is the current studio record holder for poop/pee in one session AND time spent awake. He went 2 hours without closing his eyes. My patience eventually won and we finally got Mom some adorable sleepy […]

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Seven Months | Raleigh Baby


Designing a one year album for the adorable little Mia. Seven months is such a fun age for photos.  Capture your baby’s sweet milestones with our Baby Plan (newborn, 4mth, 7mth and one year) sessions.   

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Connor | Raleigh Cary NC Baby Photographer


It’s especially nice being a Cary NC  baby photographer when I get to work with little guys like this. Connor sure spoiled me at his 8mth session with so many big smiles and laughs.  He even cooperated so well we were able to get a bunch of […]

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Lesson Two Bokeh | Cary NC Photographer


Lesson Two| Bokeh “How do I blur the background of my photo?” As a Cary NC photographer I have been asked this question a lot. It is usually the topic of most interest when people are first learning how to use their DSLR camera. Bokeh comes from […]

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Cary Baby Photographer | Lashes


I think my favorite part of being a Cary Baby Photographer is capturing the littlest of details in my subjects. This photo was of baby Harper at six months was captured using a 100mm macro lens, I love how close you can get with this lens. Baby […]

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Dream Lighting | Lesson One


Are you bored with your photos? In a creative rut? Want to capture something a little different. Good news, you don’t have to have a studio with fancy lights to create dramatic photos. In my first lesson I’m going to show you the technique photographers refer to […]

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Cary Baby Photos | 8 months


Cary Baby Photos   Luke came to my Cary ,NC studio last week for the third session of his Baby Plan. Its incredible how much a baby changes in such a short time.  I have been wanting to try this adorable pose for some time but getting […]

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Cary Newborn Pictures | Twins and Dad


Cary Newborn Pictures   It always amazes me as a newborn photographer to work with so many parents who are true naturals. We all know Moms having carried, delivered and often times nursed the baby have a special bond with their babies. However I work with so […]

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